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    The lawyers at Cunningham, Swan, Carty, Little & Bonham LLP are the trusted successors to generations of outstanding lawyers. We offer a broad range of legal services to individual and corporate clients in the private and public sectors in Kingston and southeastern Ontario.

    We've been around for a long time, we've seen it all, and we get it - that is why we're able to understand our clients and help them with their diverse needs. With a long tradition of service dating back to 1894, Cunningham Swan is a Kingston-based law firm that provides high quality services to address simple and complex legal problems in a friendly and client-oriented atmosphere. Our standard of excellence has endured throughout the years. The strength and reputation of our firm is built on a strong foundation of ethics, ingenuity, and leadership.

    Deeply rooted in Kingston and its communities, we strive to develop and nurture long-term relationships that enhance our clients' success. Our lawyers and legal support staff from all practice groups work as a team in a manner that best serves the client. Simply put, if our clients succeed, then we succeed.

    Our practice groups offer specialized services in a number of areas, including:

    • Business law
    • Wills and Estates Law
    • Family Law
    • Litigation
    • Real Estate Law
    • Labour and Employment Law
    • Municipal Law
    • Education and Health Law
    • Land Use Planning, Development and Environmental Law
  • Our approach starts with the premise that each client's 'case' is a unique story, and that an injury lawyer's job is to tell that story to an audience – a Judge, a jury, opposing counsel or an insurance adjuster – and to convince her audience that the client's story is compelling, and that the client's claim has merit. In order to tell a compelling story, a lawyer needs to truly know the characters, setting, and the plot – and what ending the client would like the story to have. Heidi Bergeron’s boutique practice is ideally structured to allow for connectivity between lawyer and client. This allows for both highly effective advocacy, and increased client satisfaction.

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