• APEX Indoor Cycling is Kingston’s first and only exclusive indoor cycling studio. Our key focus and goal is to offer an exhilarating, fun, calorie burning workout in a non-intimidating environment.

    We pride ourselves in creating a community atmosphere, where our riders can share their passion and encourage each other to achieve individual goals.

    Our certified indoor cycling instructors will pace you through ever changing cardio routines to the sounds and beats from a wide variety of music genres.

    Although Indoor cycling has a reputation of being high intensity, we appeal to every rider’s ability and fitness level. It’s your workout, the level of resistance and intensity is ultimately yours to choose.

    Our Studio in the newly renovated Smith Robinson building has an inviting atmosphere with state of the art sound system and top of the line, Spinner® Blade Spin bikes. Value added and full service amenities including; complimentary spin shoes, towels, fresh fruit, water bottle re-fill service, full shower and change room availability and unique coffee bar / lounge area,  will enhance your experience.

    Whether you are looking to add a wicked cardio session to your workout regimen or a community group to help you achieve your individual fitness goals, APEX will help you get there!

  • Moksha Yoga is a series of 40ish postures that combine therapeutic and traditional yoga in a specially-heated room (98F and 35% humidity). Each Moksha class is cardiovascular, and it strengthens, loosens, and tones the muscles. The heat allows for deep, safe stretching and detoxifies the skin, blood and muscles. All levels always welcome!

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